20 new companies already started

The 4th group of entrepreneurs done

files/Itzinya/Min mapp/pYGTW7LG36yg8oWdiZowNiIVtE0HpUo1KQ-Up2eBi5c,WQKbdFKnB3kaS_r3Qnp-qW_P0sLterQF40kkvPeGZ2E.jpgThe fourth group of entrepreneurs have gone through the startup process at Itzinya Nigeria. Already after the first three groups we were happy to report that 20 new companies were started and another 6 was preparing for start. That was of a total 34 participants. The drive among the Nigerian entrepreneurs is outstanding and serves as an example of great initiative and willingness to work hard.

files/Itzinya/Min mapp/GddXtw9qEum8ISfEdNr3vkTxYc5HpBwzUA_m7Wb1RIU,uNJfMW3wdiRoat-mCEkvKUwY4hbGwZ_6MKJG7KnXaW4.jpg

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