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Itzinya Abuja opens new Hub and the 8th Startup Academy will launch

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The new much larger facilities are still under construction but will be ready for inaguration soon. There they will have more room for the Incubator and a nice garden area.

55 new companies started

files/Itzinya/Min mapp/IMG_3086 copy.jpgItzinya Abuja continues to grow steadily. They are now starting the 8th Startup Academy on 28 September 2018. Seats are limited, don't wait to apply! 

20 new companies already started

files/Itzinya/Min mapp/pYGTW7LG36yg8oWdiZowNiIVtE0HpUo1KQ-Up2eBi5c,WQKbdFKnB3kaS_r3Qnp-qW_P0sLterQF40kkvPeGZ2E.jpgThe fourth group of entrepreneurs have gone through the startup process at Itzinya Nigeria. Already after the first three groups we were happy to report that 20 new companies were started and another 6 was preparing for start. That was of a total 34 participants. The drive among the Nigerian entrepreneurs is outstanding and serves as an example of great initiative and willingness to work hard.

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Women rule the new Startup Academy

For the first time in Itzinya Nigeria the ladies outnumber the men in the Startup Academy! It is encouraging to see that more and more women are channeling their creativity through entrepreneurship and building of companies. Especially since they have the upper hand when it comes to success rate. We will follow the development closely of this group and we are sure it will also trigger the guys to perform.


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A new batch of the Startup Academy in Abuja

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A new group of eager entrepreneurs began their journey together with experienced business owners and facilitators at their side. During the coming 3 months they will spend a lot of time out in the market interviewing potential clients to learn how to adjust their offering to find a good match...

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African Startup

On the 26 April 2016 Itzinya Nigeria opened its first Startup Academy. Six experienced facilitators and 14 eager entrepreneurs filled the atmosphere in the room with expectation.

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Industry Incubator

If you are thinking about starting a company that includes production of any kind, we are happy to introduce a brand new practical production oriented academy/incubator starting in fall 2016 in Zemun, Belgrade. This academy is for you!

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October Academy Belgrade

In October we run the Startup Academy in a 4 Saturday format in Belgrade. A group of 15 participants joined us and we had very energetic days together. Some voices from participants: "A totally different approach...

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New Startup academy soon coming up - Apply now!

We are busy preparing for a new group of young entrepreneurs to come and develop their business ideas together with us.

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