Best idea - discounted enrollment in Academy

How you apply to Startup Academy...

Your dream

files/Itzinya/Min mapp/the idea alternativ min cropped.pngWhat are you dreaming about doing?

Write down your business idea in broad strokes and include the answers to those 7 questions:

  1. What problem will you solve or what need will you fulfill for your customers?
  2. How do you know it is a real problem or need?
  3. What product or service will your business provide?
  4. Who is your ideal customer?
  5. How will you reach your customers?
  6. Why does your business idea have potential to grow?
  7. Why do you believe you will succeed?


Go to the application tab and send us your idea for the competition in a Word file format or similar.

The winner get a discounted enrollment in the Startup Academy. Others will be accepted to the Academy based on their business ideas and an interview.

If you don't have an idea that is well developed yet, don't worry! Show us why you want to become an entrepreneur and we will find out in the interview.

Seats are limited to 15 entrepreneurs!