About us

Entrepreneurship Development

Itzinyatm AB is an Entrepreneurship Development Company based in Sweden. We want to tackle one of the largest global social problems in the world today – youth unemployment! We do that through investing in young entrepreneurs mainly in the developing world, equipping them to start and grow small and medium size companies enabling them to employing other young people.


files/Itzinya/Min mapp/Swed flag button.jpgYes the company is based in Sweden. You know Sweden... ABBA, IKEA, Zlatan... =) Well there is more to it. We have a history of entrepreneurship in Sweden and we believe you as entrepreneurs are very important. Society is built up by people like yourself. We know that if we are going to see development of any societiy, entrepreneurs must be released and resourced to do what they do best, start profitable and sustainable companies that can grow and employ others.

Over the years we have build strong business relationships between Sweden and Nigeria and we are nowfiles/Itzinya/Min mapp/Nigeria button-flag.jpg utilizing the trust that is built up to get as much synergy as possible to benefit young entrepreneurs in Abuja.

StartUp Academy

The idea of the Startup Academy is that you would get help to get started with an operating business as quickly as possible. We are now starting our second group in Abuja and it will be a 3 month very intensive and hands-on workshop. We expect those entrepreneurs who apply to be self motivated and driven.

The teaching is altered with practical tasks where you always will work on your own business ideas. It is quite in order that the idea alters during the program and it is ok to change to a completely different idea.

The Incubator

See the incubation as the crossing between a greenhouse and a lab. The point is to create an environment that inspires and facilitates expirementation, development and growth. It is a lab where your products or services are designed and tested, and where your customers become your partners. It is a greenhouse where the facilitators are the gardeners making sure to provide the right "temperature", "fertilizers" and "watering".  The incubator is in a co-working space, where also other companies may rent a desk.  You can chose to be in the incubator up to two years for free in return for some shares in your company. In this way we also garantee that we will follow your development and enhance your growth also after the incubation period. The alternative is to pay a membership fee for the period you are in the incubation process. (Read more... Incubator)

Build on your own idea

You might come with a fairly developed idea, or maybe with a direction of what you want to do and a lot of motivation to discover and develop an idea you feel passionate about during the Academy. In any case, most of the sessions you will be applying the training on your own company idea. In this way it will not be theoretical. The whole Academy is really not on academic level. We like to think about entrepreneurship as something very practical and the Academy reflects that.

The Facilitators

The workshop will be led by facilitators from Abuja with experience and passion for entrepreneurship and with good local know-how. The entire program is very practical. We want the participants to use this period to kick start their business and would like them to set out their first invoices before the program is over. The facilitators will also become your mentors in the incubator to follow together with experienced international industry experts.files/Itzinya/Min mapp/IMG_4098.jpg

Don't wait - come and join us!

The Startup Academy begin September 8th 2016 . Check at application for more details. You send us your business idea that includes the answer to 7 questions that you find here. We will select the the 15 best ideas and chose the winner. The winner get the 3 month Academy for free...